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Accomplished advocate for working people and a proud product of the City, is the City’s 54th mayor. Mayor Walsh was sworn in to serve a second term on January 1, 2018. With a community of over 400 million users wouldn’t you want to make sure.

  • Know About staus of covid-19
  • File your unemployment
  • Check the status of tax return

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Office Tubizien du Patrimoine

Musée ‘de la Porte’

Rue de Bruxelles, 64 - 1480 TUBIZE


  • LUNDI : fermé
  • MARDI : 14h – 18h
  • MERCREDI : 10h – 13h & 14h – 18h
  • JEUDI : 14h – 18h
  • VENDREDI : 10h – 13h & 14h – 18h
  • SAMEDI : 14h – 18h
  • DIMANCHE : fermé temporairement

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